Weekend Printmaking Workshops in Wisconsin


Post Farm Printshop Artists’ Retreats
Printmaking Classes with instructors Liz Born and Gabe Hoare
Summer 2018, 2 sessions: May 31st-June 3, and July 5-8 
Learn printmaking over a long weekend at the Post Farm Printshop! Housed in the barn of an idyllic farm near Albany Wisconsin, two hours northwest of Chicago. Accomodations, meals, and materials included.

These courses are intended for artists of all ages (15+) and skill levels. We’ll cover the basics as well as advanced techniques in morning demos, and then meet with artists individually in the afternoon, so you’ll receive instruction and feedback to meet your goals. This is a great way to launch your printmaking practice, or to re-equip yourself with new tools.  We’ll draw inspiration (and source material) from the beautiful Wisconsin prairie that surrounds us. Maximum class size is 5 (for a cohort of 10 artists total each weekend).

All meals and materials will be provided. Each evening after dinner there will be open studio time with an instructor present, so artists can work on their projects into the night.

Reserve your spot!


MAY 31 – JUNE 3

with Liz Born

Artists will learn how to create unique, painterly prints using watercolor and oil-based media.  Participants seeking non-toxic processes will enjoy working with watercolor, and oil-painters will benefit from the luminous nature of traditional inks. Instructor Liz Born will demonstrate both reductive and additive techniques, stencil and found object interventions, press operation, paper soaking, and multiple plate registration. There will be ample time to create a series of simple prints, or a handful of more involved compositions. Maximum size is 22×30.” Includes six sheets of Rives BFK or Hahnemühle Copperplate paper. 

with Gabe Hoare

This course will focus on traditional etching on copper.  Topics will include line etching, soft ground, aquatint, and sugar-lift techniques. This versatile process is great not only for capturing delicate linework, but also for producing rich, painterly tones. This class is an introduction to intaglio printmaking, or a great refresher, with mini-demos on à la poupée and chine collé, as well as discussions that shed light on the best products to use, and neat tricks that make all the difference in your printmaking practice.

In advance, artists will choose either one 10×12’’ plate, or (2) 6×8’’ plates for multiple plate registration.  White or Cream Somerset Satin paper is included. Artists are encouraged to bring sketches for reference.


JULY 5-8:

with Gabe Hoare

Artists will learn techniques to create bold, expressive prints from linoleum. Instructor Gabe Hoare will cover everything you need to know, including drawing for relief, carving techniques, and printing strategies (both on the press and by hand). Artists may choose to work on one large carving, or to create multiple small compositions. Multiple block and reduction techniques will be demonstrated, as well as the building of registration jigs. If you’d like to print on fabric or t-shirts, feel free to bring them along!


with Liz Born

This class will cover several ways to make prints, combining drawn marks with found shapes from nature. We will dive headfirst into Cyanotype, a photographic process that uses the sun to create lyrical imagery with deep blue pigment. We will use elements of collage and photography, including experimentation with pinhole cameras. Next, we’ll play with trace monotype, using drawing and stamping to create one of a kind compositions that have unique, smoky-looking incidentals.  Finally, we’ll engage the press with reductive monotype techniques, using paper and found stencils to produce crisp, graphic imagery.  Although we will not cover traditional relief, there will be opportunities to create carved stamps for repeat pattern applications and other uses. Many of these techniques are ideal for artists interested in textile applications.


Schedule of events for both weekends:
7-10pm Optional (but encouraged!) meet & greet BBQ*

9:30am-12:30pm workshops
12:30pm Lunch
2pm-6pm workshops
6pm dinner
7pm-10pm open studio

9:30am-12:30pm workshops
after lunch: open studio

8am Closing breakfast
Optional: Open studio time 9am-6pm

*if it’s easier for you to drive up late Thursday or early on Friday that’s fine—just notify us so we know when to expect you!

What is included?
-Printmaking course
-All materials and tools

Cost and payment information
$300 base price (for campers) includes all materials and meals.
-additional $25/weekend for a bed in the farmhouse attic or $50/weekend for a private room.

*50% non-refundable deposit holds a place in the program; balance due upon arrival at the Post Farm. Reserve your spot!

Post Farm Printshop exhibition at POSTOCK Music Festival

We will host a wine and cheese reception for Post Farm Printshop artists at the 11th annual POSTOCK music festival, the weekend of August 3, 2018. This festival is attended by approximately 300 people (you’re invited!) and features dozens of musical acts, great food, and art happenings. Participants can submit a print made at the Post Farm to be displayed in this first ever PFP exhibition!

About the Post Farm
notes from Marina Post

The Post Farm lies in the hilly terrain of south central Wisconsin (130 miles NW of near north Chicago) in Albany Township.  The property is approximately 25 miles south of Madison and 25 miles west of Janesville. Featuring a 1/2 mile driveway, when you arrive at the farm you will truly feel apart from the world. There are cell towers relatively close, so although we don’t have wifi, you can get cell service. 

Originally the property was part of a much larger farm belonging to two Welshmen, the Trow brothers, who settled in the 1840s. The building of the structures on the Post Farm began in 1915.  The brick house was built in the 1920s.  Tribute to the Trow inventiveness, a church was being demolished at the time they built the house and much of the lumber and trim came from that church.  It is said that during the Prohibition the house was a speakeasy featuring female company.

The property was divided and sold in the mid to late 1990s.  Our parcel—62 acres—was the last to sell.  We bought it “lock, stock, and barrel”—plates, sheets, everything, even a tractor!  We have restored 18.5 acres of this land to its original state of at least 5 prairie grasses and 40 wildflower species. There are many walking trails spanning the farm and adjoining protected state owned land.

There are abundant birds of all sizes.  Chicakadees, Cardinals, Juncos, Finches (various), Tufted Titmice, Woodpeckers (various), Rose Breasted Grosbeaks and Bluejays visit the feeders.  Some birds are seasonal visitors.  Robins and Flickers peck at the lawn.  Bluebirds dart for bugs.  If one is lucky, one may see a Hummingbird.  In the spring you will hear and sometimes see Sand Hill Cranes.  We have been visited by Wild Turkeys.  Walking the land you may encounter Red Tailed Hawks, Pheasants, and Great Horned Owls.

The brick farm house can accommodate 12 people in bedrooms and another 8 or so in the attic “dormitory.” There are 2 full bathrooms and an outdoor shower for the adventurous in warmer months. The land has many good camping spots both close and far from the house.  

What should participants bring?
-ideas and sketches; photograph references
-any cloth or fancy paper to print on (we will provide white paper)
-carving tools (relief) or paintbrushes (monotype) if you have them.
Farmhouse Accommodations
There are comfy beds available in a shared attic space for an extra $25 per weekend. There are also a number of private rooms available for a $50 fee. 
The world is your oyster as far as camping spots! Choose a secluded glade, or a convenient patch of grass near the farmhouse. There is a lovely outdoor shower, and we will light a nightly campfire near the farmhouse. Bring your camping gear–tent, sleeping bag, foam pad, etc. It’s not terribly rustic–think “car camping.”
Are there meal options for Vegetarians/Vegans?
Absolutely. Home-cooked meals will sustain your printing efforts! Artists are also welcome, but not required, to bring additional snacks.
What if it rains?
We will proceed, rain or shine. The printshop is housed in the barn, which stays warm and dry.
Directions to The Post Farm: N 7098 County Hwy E
Farm Phone: 608-862-3456
From Chicago:
Take Rte 90 West out of the city towards Rockford
Stay on 90 till Janesville
Take Rte 11 West at Janesville to Rte B at Footville 12-13 miles including a sharp left turn at a T-junction (?)
Take Rte B through Footville and on till a T junction with Route 104 (8-9 miles?)
Right onto Rte 104 and go 2 miles (?)
Left onto Rte 59 go about 3 miles
Right onto Rte E go about 3 miles
We are on the right hand side N7098. There is a ranch style arch marked Post Farm 

If you’d like more information about this program, don’t hesitate to call Liz at 773.896.4326 or email hoofprintchicago@gmail.com.

You can also reserve your spot online  HERE

We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

Liz, Gabe, and Marina