HoofprintOpenHouseInvitationOPEN HOUSE
Sunday, February 24th, Noon-5pm
1965 W Pershing Road

Join us for this stellar lineup on a Sunday afternoon, featuring new work and printerly demonstrations. Comedy and snacks to follow.

DOUG BOSLEY uses mezzotint engraving to create detailed prints that tell the tale of Auxons—a small population of intelligent, self replicating robots—to question our ideas of technological progress and the future of the Earth’s species. Come learn what motivations drive the Auxon enclaves and see Bosley’s mezzotint rocking machine, “THE CRAWLER,” in action.

TABOR SHILES will demonstrate the fundamentals of screen printing with dyes on silk, allowing vibrant imagery to become part of the fabric rather than sitting on the surface. Each attendee will receive a takeaway silk scarf—choose from designs by Tabor and guest artists NICOLE MARROQUIN & CHLOË PERKIS.

RICARDO SANTOS-HERNANDEZ is a Chicago and Arizona based painter. His work is rooted in the desert, addressing the use of our natural resources and US/Mexico border issues through depictions of the Body—both transcendent and grotesque. Santos-Hernandez is a neighbor of Hoofprint and will share etchings from a new series-in-progress.

Enjoy performances by Clare Austen Smith, Brandon Kiefer, Brandon Kirkman, and Carolyn Twyman—the APARTMENT COMEDY TOUR while you unwind with snacks, coffee or a cold METROPOLITAN beverage.

For more details, and driving/parking directions, visit hoofprintchicago.com or contact Liz Born at (773) 896 4326 or hoofprintchicago@gmail.com